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Hmmm, I get a permission error trying to launch the game on Linux. Any chance you can look at that? The game looks amazing!

Game Great, Because Game Good.

Played this with my girlfriend. It was super fun and interesting! :D

Hey! Thanks for the video! Looks really great :)

The long reach is a well put together pixel horror game. It literally delivers on what it says to be. A psychological pixel horror game which messes with your head at, every corner! Think you have it figured out? Think again as, this game throws another twist your way! 10/10

Wow wow wow, thanks!


i really enjoyed the game and was wondering what will await me in his psychopathic nightmare...


I found that to be very entertaining, I look forward to playing the full game. I know a lot of people watching will love it. 5/5.

Youtube: Fellowplayer

Hey, Fellowplayer! Thanks for the words and for great videos!


Amazing work, this could lead to something big, the dialogue and its system need some work (i took the survey and filled in with the details, don't worry about it) nice work (again)

Thanks, mate! Check out our Facebook, let's be in touch!


Loved this game! INCREDIBLE cant wait for more! Are you guys going to try and greenlight it on steam? Really should think of that because i would play for this game!


Hi ThreeInches! Thank you so much for the let's play! :)

We are definitely going to put The Long Reach on Greenlight. People should know the truth about REAL monsters.

But first of all, new public demo is coming. We also have a little survey here, it would be great if you checked it out. :)

Thanks again and stay tuned!


Literally make me so excited i cannot wait! p.s. Is Cuddlin the real monster (plot twist), all jokes aside you guys should be really really proud of this one, well done!

Hey, thanks again! Check out our Facebook page and keep abreast of all the news!


On mac-os can not exit from game! ESC and cmd+tab are locked. Just reboot my mac and delete game. Sorry but is fair. (i know thats only a beta)

Hi, looks like it's a bug. We will surely fix this in future updates! Thank you for report!

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guys, i'm waiting for new episodes! poor calvin's girlfriend..